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Who you are

You may have a story to tell but need help developing it and turning it into a book. You may have been looking for a publisher for some time, without success, because your book is for a market that is too small to interest other publishers, despite the quality of your manuscript, outline or idea. You may want more control over the content and appearance of your book than other publishers may give you. You may be in a hurry and want to speed up the publishing process that can often take years. You may simply want to create a legacy for future generations of your family, some of whom may not even be born yet. You may not be willing to publish your book only to get a royalty of 10 percent or less.


Whatever the reason and whoever you are, John Aylen Books may be the solution you are looking for.


Our authors underwrite the cost of production and distribution, and they retain both their copyrights and up to 90% of net sales.


For further information or to arrange for a free assessment of your project, please email John Aylen Books.


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